Why I am going to travel the world

First of all, welcome to my new blog. I made this blog because I will go on the journey of my life in a few weeks and want to share my experiences and adventures with you. But why did I decide to leave everything and everyone behind and go travel the world? I will tell you in my first blogpost ever (so please be gentle).

The first reason to go is because I love to travel. I have traveled a lot during my study, and the plan always was to keep doing this. I have learned a lot from my experiences abroad, from culture shocks in China to surf weekends in Chile. No matter how clichΓ© it sounds, I did learn a lot about myself. The most important thing I learned is that I can do whatever the hell I want. If I want to go to Brazil, I can go to Brazil. If I want to go backpacking with my mom, I will go backpacking with my mom (this actually happened, my mom rocks).


Why go right now? At the moment that I’m writing this blogpost, I’m waiting to get approval on my masterthesis for my master’s in Strategic Management. In a few weeks, I will (hopefully) be graduated. After that, there is nothing to keep me in the Netherlands. I can find a job of course, but will there ever be this kind of opportunity in the rest of my life? Where I don’t have any responsibilities? I don’t think so. Besides, I think it’s a good idea to enjoy some free time before beginning my grown-up job.

So I’m leaving to travel the world. You might wonder what’s the plan. And that’s funny, because the plan is that there is no plan. The only thing I know is that I want to leave in August and start somewhere in Asia. After that, I’ll go with the flow. The idea is to travel some time alone and some time with Evy (my bestfriendforeverloveyoualottttt), who is currently in Australia.


Since this unplanned trip needs a little bit of planning before I go, tips are very welcome. Especially ideas of where to start or places I MUST visit. Feel free to leave a comment or send an email and you’ll be heard!

5 thoughts on “Why I am going to travel the world”

  1. Wat een vooruitzicht Anne! Als ik 1 ding kon veranderen dat zou dat ook zijn dat ik eerst een jaar zou zijn gaan reizen! Een must do: Nieuw Zeeland! Afgelopen december geweest en een heerlijke tijd gehad. De mensen zijn relax, het eten is er goed, de natuur is overweldigend en lekker zomers weer tijdens de kerst.
    Maak er een mooie reis van, ik ga je volgen!


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