Adventures in Nijmegen: Ice Cream Crawl

Today, my friend Marilyn and I had the great idea to get some ice cream. So we went to the city and while we were eating our delicious ice cream, we had an epiphany. How much fun would it be if we did an ice cream crawl in stead of a pub crawl and ate ice cream at every place in Nijmegen where they serve it. Long story short: I ate five ice creams in an hour and I’m a little nauseous…


I’m not sure why, but we also had the idea that it would be funny to get the most disgusting kind of ice cream that they serve at every place where we went. Luckily, our first ice cream was just what we would normally get, because our ice cream crawl-plan wasn’t existing yet. Other than that, we ate the flavors: smurf, ginger, melon, and monchou.

The smurf flavor was disgusting and tasted like gum. It tasted exactly as you would expect, because it was blue. The melon ice cream was also really bad, because it was so sweet I have to see a dentist tomorrow. The ginger flavor was actually quite good, better than expected. So was the monchou-flavor, but I could get that anyway.


You might wonder why we did this stupid thing and ate more sugar than a five year old on their birthday party. Well, the bottomline is that you don’t have to be traveling to try new things. We experienced our own hometown in a whole different way today. Besides this wisdom, our conclusion is that you should definitely get the ginger ice cream at Vincenzo when you’re in Nijmegen.

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