Shit is getting real

Ladies and gentlemen; shit just got real… We booked our flight. In this blogpost I will tell you when we are leaving and where we are going first. Cliffhanger…

Simone and I were planning to go to the beach today. However, Simone thought a (less than) 2 hour drive was way too long, so we stayed in Nijmegen and went to Sprok beach near the Waal. When I got into her car, I was glad it was just a 10 minute drive instead of 2 hours. Simone drives the way she is, as she said so herself, which means that she is very ‘enthusiastic’. On the plus side; we still had our beach experience and found the perfect place to book our plane tickets.

So, we are leaving on the 26th of September from Schiphol. First, we will fly to Xiamen (China) for a 12 hour lay over. In this time, we will definitely go to the city and get a taste of China. After that, we will fly to… Jakarta! Simone will join me for a month or so, and will go back to The Netherlands after that.

We already thought of some places we want to visit, but we don’t want to book everything in advance. We want to decide on the spot how long we want to stay in one place. However, our current plan is to leave the big city soon and enjoy the nature in Indonesia. Tips and travel stories about Indonesia are very welcome, please let me know!

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