Booze and boats

Last week, my colleagues/friends and me visited liquor brand Pernod-Ricard and went on a boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam. And sure it was an adventure…

The party started in the train from Nijmegen to Amsterdam, while we had not seen any alcohol yet (it was 9.30 AM). As per usual, we were pretty loud and got into a fight with a random guy in our train. When Thall called Wouter gay, this man stood up and started lecturing us about the history of swearing. We were scared as shit. He ended his lecture with the statement that Pien should be in the children’s compartment of the train. Poor Pien, she didn’t say a word!

After the funniest train ride ever, we arrived at the office of Pernod-Ricard where we got into some thrilling games of pingpong and table football. By the time we got onto the boat, we weren’t friends anymore, as you can imagine. Fortunately we had a whole boat full of liquor, which was positive for the overall mood of the group. Unlimited gin-ginger ales are always a good idea.

On the way back to Nijmegen, we stopped in Den Bosch to visit Thall’s parents. All of a sudden they had ten drunk bartenders in their back yard. Maybe the biggest adventure that day was for them.

Of course we ended the night in Bascafé, as per usual. We found uncooked spaghetti and put that in Nadirs hair. I would call that the best end of an adventurous day. Many thanks to Pernod-Ricard, Toon, and the guy in the train who was yelling at us.

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