Layover playover

We’ve spent our 12 hours in China well. It was a real adventure because not a single person spoke another language than chinese.

When we landed, we first got some coffee to make a plan. Here we met Jelle, our first travelfriend yayyyy. His plan was the same as ours, that there was no plan. So we took a random bus downtown.

When we got to the city centre, we started walking and found a park with people doing tai chi, playing with a sword and dancing. Then we walked through a market where they sold fish, meat and vegetables.

After this walk, we decided to go to the most popular temple of Xiamรจn. But how to get there when no one speaks english and you don’t have internet on your phone? It took a while, but we got there and it was totally worth it.

Ultimately, we walked to the water and had a drink at a terrace. After that, we had to get back to the airport and we all slept like a baby during the flight to Jakarta. I didn’t even see the plane take off, I was already in a coma.

Conclusion: China is fun, but not the most easy country to visit. That’s the news for now, on to the weather.

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