(Hitch) hiking

The real adventure started today when we explored the ricefields and rural villages around Cianjur.

To go to the rice fields, we took a small local bus which was falling apart. We had to change busses a few times, and on the last bus we made some local friends.

When we finally made it to the rice fields, our hike began. The view was spectacular and the local people were very happy to see us.

After a long and steep hike, we got to the home of a local family who showed us how they make brown suger. They also prepared a lunch for us. It was very cool to see how people live in a rural village.

Next, we were going to the tea fields. To get there, we hitch hiked on the back of a truck. At first it was pretty scary, but after a while it became fun and we stood on the back of the moving truck (sorry mom).

After hiking in the tea, we had to go on the back of a motorcycle with three persons, then hitch hiked again and finally had to take a local bus. After that, we were K.O. and went to bed early, because our next destination is calling us.

Hint: it has some similarities with bardancing Toon on friday nights.

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