The floor is lava

A few days ago we climbed the Bromo and Ijen volcanoes, which was quite ‘challenging’…

The first thing we had to do was take a train to Probolingo, which cost us eight hours. After that, we went in a bus to the village near the Bromo volcano, which took another 1,5 hours. We then had a very short sleep, because we left at 3 AM to see the sunrise.

After sunrise, we went to Bromo itself to climb it. This was pretty hard for me, because I was mentally not in a good place. I was still weak from having Dengue and I fell down a day earlier, so my whole body was hurting. However, I managed to get to the top!

It smelled like rotten eggs and you could hear the volcano roaring really hard. This was absolutely worth the climb.

We then went back to the hostel to get our backpacks and got in a bus for the trip to the Ijen volcano. To climb this one, we had to leave at 1 AM. In the middle of the night!

The climb was really steep and it was really dark. However, when we got to the top we could see the blue fire in the crater.

After it got light, we walked down. We could finally see where we walked up that night, the view was really pretty.

In the end, I’m glad I climbed these volcanoes, but to say it was challenging is an understatement…

One thought on “The floor is lava”

  1. Zo fijn om weer een blog te lezen. Ik had het gemist, maar begrijp wel waarom het een week geduurd heeft. Pas goed op jezelf. XX


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