4 weeks in Indonesia: the recap

Today is my last day in Indonesia! I’m 4 weeks into traveling already, so time for a recap and my plans for the country I’m visiting next.

Reis Indonesië.png

Because I heard some rumors about people having no idea where the places are that I visited (THALL BERENDSEN!), I made a map with stars for the places I’ve been. I visited the following places:

  • Jakarta
  • Cianjur
  • Pangandaran
  • Yogyakarta
  • Bromo volcano
  • Ijen volcano (after this I travelled to Bali)
  • Canggu
  • Ubud
  • Nusa Lembongan (a little island close to Bali)
  • Canggu again

So how was it? It was fun, but also hard. I’ve had Dengue, bruised my whole body falling in a hole in the street, got food poisening… I definitely got tested during this trip. However, I’m still here, didn’t go home, and saw a lot of interesting places. I just hope that this were the ‘downs’, because I’m ready for the ‘ups’ 🙂

I can’t really say what my favorite place was, because the difference between Java and Bali was pretty big. Bali is a lot more touristy, but also a lot more developed. That makes it easy to travel, but Java felt more like ‘the real Indonesia’. I would definitely recommend going to both islands, because it will make you appreciate all the nice restaurants and coffee places in Bali even more.

And tomorrow I’m flying tooooooo……. CAMBODIA! Am I carying a Lonely Planet around? Yes. Do I regret taking it with me because it’s pretty heavy in your backpack? Also yes.

I’m excited to see the differences between Cambodia and Indonesia and to explore a new city, but I’m VERY excited to see Evy next Monday! The following picture of Evy and me is 10 years ago (I look so young?!) when I visited her in Glasgow, which is also the only decent picture I have of us together. Time to make some new memories I would say!

2 thoughts on “4 weeks in Indonesia: the recap”

  1. Super leuk anne! Heel veel plezier in Cambodja, ik kijk uit naar veel plezierige verhalen waarin je de rijke historie en mooie natuur van het land zonder al te veel kleerscheuren, struikelpartijen en enge ziektes beleeft! Liefsssss lisa


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