You can’t Koh Rong with a boat trip

We spent the last few days on Koh Rong, my new favourite island. We went to two beach parties, hiked an hour through the jungle to long beach, and the highlight of last week; did a boat tour.

The boat tour was amazing. The party started the minute we stepped on the boat, because we had the best playlist. We visited a village with a really nice waterfall for a refreshing shower.

After that, we went fishing AND I CAUGHT MY FIRST FISH. According to our guide you have to kiss your first fish, so I did. Spoiler; it didn’t turn into a prince.

After fishing, we drank some beers in the ocean while the captains prepared our lunch; the fish we caught with rice and vegetables. We ate it at the most beautiful desolated beach.

The next activity was snorkeling, which was AMAZING. The corals were beautiful and I saw a lot of fish and sea eagles.

After snorkeling, we made a camp fire on another beautiful beach and waited till the sun set. For the next activity, it had to be dark.

The reason for this, is that we went swimming with plankton that glows in the dark. The water looked magical when you moved your arms and legs, really cool but impossible to take pictures of.

Great times on this beautiful island! However, we are now at our last stop in Cambodia: Kampot.

3 thoughts on “You can’t Koh Rong with a boat trip”

  1. Wauw What amazing experiences You have…
    Bit jealous ofcourse but it’s Nice to read You are enjoying your adventure that Much!
    Keep on enjoying and writing please…
    love ❤️ Shir


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