Back in bloggerbusiness

Oops, I didn’t write a blogpost for two months… The reason is that I just didn’t feel like it. I was busy enjoying my travels (and lots of beers) and there was no time left for writing. Because I also didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself, I just let the blog be what it was until I found new inspiration to write. And here I am again!

So what have I been up to? Long story short; I travelled through Vietnam and Thailand, and flew to Melbourne just before NYE. Arriving in Australia was pretty rough. I didn’t necessarily felt like leaving Asia, which was my new comfort zone. Besides that, arriving in Australia meant that traveling would be over for a while, because I would have to find a job.

I’ve been in Australia for two weeks already, looking for a job. Unfortunately, this is harder than I thought… Maybe I was naive, but I expected to find a job in hospitality in a week or so. Turns out I have really bad timing, because a lot of companies were closed over the holidays or hired new staff in December. Right now I expanded my search to office jobs, and hopefully this will work out. Otherwise, I might have to leave Melbourne and go to another city to work there. Money is getting tight.

Hopefully I’ll find a job soon, and will my life be boring. This gives me enough reason to update you about my experiences of the last two months. I’ll pick some highlights to write a blogpost about.

2 thoughts on “Back in bloggerbusiness”

  1. Ondanks dat het bloggen op een laag pitje stond hebben we volop meegenoten van je boot en motortrips, je wandelavonturen, playback en karaoke momenten.
    Blij dat je weer aan het bloggen gaat. 😘


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