Saying goodbye


You left Melbourne (and me) this morning, to go back to the outback. I’m sad that you left, but also proud that you’re doing your own thing again. You always wanted to go back to the farm where you spent five months last year. It was hard to make the final decision, but it felt good for you right away after you made it.

Almost three months ago, we planned to meet each other in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Everyone in the hostel called you my ‘imaginary friend’, because it took you five days to show up there. We both were so excited to catch up and experience some new adventures, but then you missed your flight and we had to wait another day. However, after that, we formed this dreamteam that had a lot of fun together, but also did their own things.

We. Partied. A. Lot… By the time we made it to Australia, we were totally fed up with going out and drinking alcohol. And for good reason, because no hostel-table was safe from your dance moves.

Besides partying, we had a lot of amazing experiences. We went to Angkor Wat in the middle of the night to see the sunrise; kayaked with river dolphins; celebrated my (not) birthday at a rooftop bar in Phnom Penh; enjoyed island life on Koh Rong; stayed at a waterpark that was also a hostel; did a secret tour; did a motorbike ride from Da Lat to Nha Trang; hiked 7 km into a cave; cuddled with elephants; you taught me how to drive a scooter; went to the Full Moon party; celebrated christmas on the beach; celebrated NYE ten hours earlier than normally. And those were only the highlights… I’m not even talking about all the random hikes in the jungle/up waterfalls. The random conversations over breakfast. The infinite bus rides.

The reason that I’m sad is not because I’m afraid to get lonely. The reason is that I’m gonna miss you AF. It was nice having a partner in crime while doing stupid shit, but also sharing the most amazing travel experiences.

Thank you for the past three months. Safe travels and see you in Queensland xxx

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