Favourite place in Asia

When I tell people that I travelled three months in South-East Asia, the question ‘what was your favourite place?’ often pops up. I find this question extremely hard, because it depends mainly on your own experience at a place and the people you meet there. Due to this reason, you might have an aweful time when you go to my favourite place. Nevertheless, I’ll try to answer this question in the following blogpost.

All the countries where I’ve been on this trip have their pros and cons. In Indonesia I got sick and was mentally not happy; my time in Cambodia was amazing because of the people I met there; Vietnam was very rainy, which why we had to skip some things we wanted to do; Thailand was way better than expected, but also more expensive. All these different experiences make it hard to pick a favourite place, but I would still say that Vietnam is the country I would recommend to go to if I have to pick one.

Main reason: the nature in Vietnam is amazing. There are lots of places where you can drive through the mountains on a motorbike or go on hikes. Also, it’s really easy to go from place to place, because busses are cheap and comfortable.

The place in Vietnam that especially stood out for me was Phong Nha. This cute little town in the middle of a national park had lots of things to do.

It’s well known for the many caves in the surrounding area that you can visit. We did a tour that took us 7 km into Paradise Cave. It was definitely not something I had in mind when hearing the word ‘paradise’. Actually, it was nothing like I had could have ever thought of. It was out of this world.

Besides this hike into a cave, we also rented a scooter and drove around the area. The views were amazing, with lots of mountains and forrest. This felt like the real Vietnam for me.

Let me know if you want to know more about our hike into Paradise Cave. Or when you need a tour guide in Vietnam, I’d love to go back.

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