Very Great Ocean Road

We went on a road trip! I really missed traveling and didn’t have a job yet, so it was time to see someting more of Australia.

We squeezed our butts into a nice little rental car, and went on the road. We brought a lunch picknick, playlists and lots of snacks, so we were ready to spend the next two days in the car. The feeling of freedom from having your own transport was certainly very nice, I could get used to this.

Our first stop was at Beauchamp Falls. We decided to start in the middle of the Great Ocean Road in stead of at the start, so we wouldn’t have to skip the best part if we would be short in time. We hiked up the waterfalls, which was a pretty nice walk through the forest. The waterfalls themselves were amazing as well, so we were very happy when we came back to the car. However, there was no drinking water to be found, and we didn’t bring more than one bottle per person. This was a problem.

This made a nice little coffeeshop our next stop. We bought a lot of water and asked the lady where we should go next. She persuaded us to go to the Triplet Falls, which were really close to the shop. She said it would be a very easy walk, so no effort to see beautiful waterfalls. It was not an easy walk.

It was okay, but it was not an easy walk. We had to climb stairs. It took an hour. We were tired from our other hike. The Triplet Falls were beautiful though, which made up for the wrong expectations of the hike. However, it was already getting late and we didn’t even see the Twelve Apostles yet. So we hopped in the car, on our way to the next stop of the day.

The Twelve Apostles were AMAZING. Touristy, but amazing. It wasn’t too busy, which gave us enough time to do a whole photoshoot and enjoy the view.

The last official stop of the day was Port Campbell, which gave similar views as the Twelve Apostles, but felt a little less touristy. On our way to Apollo Bay, where our hostel was, we saw a gorgeous sunset at a random viewpoint on the way.

The second day began with a really nice breakfast at a cute coffeeshop in Apollo Bay. After that, we drove to Johanna Beach. The beach was almost empty, there were just two other girls. This made the experience really relaxed. I might have even liked this better than the touristy Twelve Apostles.

We chilled for a bit on the beach, and went on the road again to slowly make our way to Melbourne. This part of the Great Ocean Road gave some amazing views from just driving it. We stopped at some places to enjoy the view and take some pictures. We also stopped at a random golf course to see some Kangaroos.

Our last stop was in Breamlea, where we had a real Ozzie BBQ. It was nice to have a BBQ in a public place (which is uncommon in the Netherlands), with some real Ozzies. Yep, we spotted them. You’re a tourist or you’re not a tourist. I also drank my first Goone, which is apparently a thing here. It was a really nice end of our road trip.

I’m very happy we went on this road trip, because I finally felt like I was traveling again. For the last few weeks, I mainly felt unemployed. I really needed this break from the job-hunt!

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