Same problems, different location

Turns out that running away from problems is not necessarily a solution. Spoiler: they catch up with you. Also when you’re on the other side of the world.

Back home, I was in the process of searching for a grown-up job when I decided travelling is more fun than working. So I left. And right now, I spent the last month trying to find a job. 6 months later, other country, same problem. Shit…

I miss travelling. Travelling is not all fun and games. Sure, you can still feel shitty sometimes when you’re travelling, but at least you’re doing something. Right now, I feel like I’m standing still. I’m not working, but I’m also not doing what I love (travelling). I feel like I’m wasting time.

If I could, I would leave and start travelling again. Fuck this job-thing. Unfortunately, it turns out that you need money for travelling. Money I don’t have at this moment. I can pay for rent, but that’s about it. And Asia is cheap, but it’s not free…

Besides, I refuse to give up. I want this thing to work. Make money, travel again. I want this to go my way and I’m too stubborn to give up.

So, anyone who knows a fun job in Melbourne?

3 thoughts on “Same problems, different location”

  1. Je doorzettingsvermogen is iets wat je altijd al gehad hebt. En zit niet in over โ€˜wasting timeโ€™: je hebt tijd genoeg, nog een heel leven voor je. (Dat je helaas geen geld genoeg hebt, is een beperkende factor)
    Het zal een reden hebben waarom je door deze fase heen moet: zoals jezelf zegt: het maakt je creatief. Het maakt je (nog) beter.
    Dikke kus


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