Cuddling Elephants

Our second day in Thailand consisted of a visit to an elephant sanctuary. We were in Chiang Mai, and as people do who visit Chiang Mai, off we went to the elephants. Turned out this was even more fun than I expected!

After four weeks in Vietnam, we flew to Chiang Mai (Thailand) in the beginning of December to spend two weeks there. With our travel friend who we met in Cambodia! Nice to meet people again in a different country. Cliche but true; it’s a small world. Anyways, this blogpost is about our visit to an elephant sanctuary near Chiang Mai.

The people who picked us up at the hostel were really sweet and took us to the sanctuary, which was quite a bit outside of Chiang Mai. When we finally got to the place, it started raining. Bad luck, but it was still so cool to see the elephants that I didn’t even care.

The tour guide introduced the elephants to us; she told us their names and age. There was even a baby! After that, we got to feed the elephants some bananas. Feeding some of the elephants was quite challenging, because they would just take all the bananas with their trunk and leave you looking like an idiot (or that was just me). However, the grandma elephant and the baby elephant were very sweet and patient πŸ™‚

It was amazing to see how big the elephants were, but it was not scary at all. They were all very friendly and used to visitors. After the bananas, we made some sort of vitamin bite for the elephants, which we also gave to them. We also took one of the elephants to a little walk through the jungle. But because it was raining all day, the path was extremely muddy and slippery. Obviously, I fell down. Again. Oh well, I get more and more used to being this person.

The next part was maybe the most funny part; we got to wash one of the elephants in the river. This elephant was extremely muddy because of all the rain, which made it quite a challenge. So we climbed in the river with some brushes and began to wash it… Until it blew bubbles with its trunk and I got a shower πŸ™‚

This was such a good start of our time in Thailand. We learned a lot about the elephants and it was amazing to see them from so close. However, we did our research beforehand to make sure we weren’t participating in any animal abuse. These elephants were all saved from abusive environments and it was absolutely prohibited to ride the elephants. Very important, because these bad companies still exist in Thailand. Do your research kids!

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