A few days in Pai(radise)

After Chiang Mai, we took the bus to Pai. We were a bit scared, because this bus ride is notorious for its many turns. Even people that are never car sick vomit all the way to Pai, which doesn’t look good for Evy (who gets carsick from only looking at a bus). However, we made it, and it was well worth the trip!

Pai was amazing. My expectations were extremely high, because multiple people told me about this place, and about how great it is. Actually, these stories were the reason for me to go to Thailand in the first place. Thailand was not on my itinerary until people started telling me about Pai. And surprise: Pai met all the expectations, and more…

We checked in at Purple Monkey Backpackers, which is an absolute shit hole. Never go there. I’m not kidding. However, it was close to town, which meant it was close to the biggest, best, most perfect street food market ever. Chiang Mai is quite known for its street food, which we absolutely enjoyed. However, there were not that many vegetarian options. In Pai, on the other hand, it was veggie-tastic! Okay, I’m sorry, even I am crying because of that. Let’s just keep it at: there was a lot of great vegetarian food. We went to the street food market every single evening.

Besides food, there was much more to see in Pai. We explored the area by scooter. The first time I drove a scooter myself! As you can see from the picture, this went extremely well (I totally saw that car coming, no worries). One of the things we visited was a spot where the earth split a few years ago. Very weird, but looked cool! We also went to a bamboo bridge over rice fields, but the rice was just harvested when we where there.

Another highlight was the sunset we saw at the Pai canyon. This spot is very popular, so also very touristy. However, we get the hype. The sunset was amazing! Tip: you’re really cool if you braid your hair in Pai.

We also went to a waterfall; a cute breakfast spot; another spot for sunset; and a jungle party. There is certainly enough to do in Pai. Although we stayed for two more days than we planned, I still have the feeling that I haven’t seen everything and that I have to go back. The nature is amazing in this area and it’s easy to go around by scooter. Definitely on my list for the second round in Asia!

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