Work/beach balance

Ladies and gentlemen; I found a job. Two jobs even. As I kind of expected, everyone started calling me for trial shifts at the same time. I’m officially working in Australia right now!

Right now I work for a catering company, for which I work everyday at the same venue. I make coffee for potential buyers of appartments in St. Kilda. Not a bad job at all.

My other job is as front of house staff at a cafe in South Yarra. I had my first shift last Saturday and it was so much fun! My collegues were super friendly and I finally felt like I was doing something useful again.

The downside is that all my friends work at different times. I gathered a nice group of amazing girls around me in the time the time that I’ve been in Australia. Unfortunately, some of them work evening shifts. Others work during weekends. And here I am, working during the day on weekdays. I absolutely can’t complain, but it’s hard to make plans in our group chat.

However, Sarah, Elleke and me went on a little day trip to Mornington! It was quite a drive using public transport, but we had so much fun. We had lunch and a cocktail (yay for day drinking) in a Mexican restaurant, went to the beach, and had dinner at another beach. The beaches were amazing, the sun was shining (eventually) and we had a good laugh with our new friend. A perfect day off!

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