Insights after 5 months of traveling

I realized that I’m already more than five months away from home. Since I’m still not really doing anything more adventurous than making coffee all day every day, this blogpost is about the insights I gained in the last five months. Wouldn’t want to say that I found myself, but I did find this out.

  • Life in Asia is easy. You meet a lot of cool people and it feels like everything is possible. You want to go snorkling? Sure, no problem. You want to go on a hike and climb over rocks up a mountain? Not even that special.
  • The more places you visit and the more people you meet, the more your bucketlist grows…
  • How you feel and the people you meet are so important for the question whether you like a place or not.
  • Slow travel might be a good idea, because I rather enjoy a place till I’m sick of it in stead of leaving because I feel like I have to keep moving. There are a few places where I would love to go back to stay for a while and work a bit. However, this does not mean that I regret the way we traveled so far. It’s all part of the experience, and I probably needed it for this insight.
  • When you drink every day, you might gain some weight. When a certain person named Anne drinks a lot every day, she gains 10 kg in three months.
  • Having no money narrows down your options. To one actually: finding a job.
  • Traveling is fun. Working sucks. I want to do more traveling and less working.

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