Saying goodbye


You left Melbourne (and me) this morning, to go back to the outback. I’m sad that you left, but also proud that you’re doing your own thing again. You always wanted to go back to the farm where you spent five months last year. It was hard to make the final decision, but it felt good for you right away after you made it.

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Adventures in Nijmegen: Ice Cream Crawl

Today, my friend Marilyn and I had the great idea to get some ice cream. So we went to the city and while we were eating our delicious ice cream, we had an epiphany. How much fun would it be if we did an ice cream crawl in stead of a pub crawl and ate ice cream at every place in Nijmegen where they serve it. Long story short: I ate five ice creams in an hour and I’m a little nauseous…

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Why I am going to travel the world

First of all, welcome to my new blog. I made this blog because I will go on the journey of my life in a few weeks and want to share my experiences and adventures with you. But why did I decide to leave everything and everyone behind and go travel the world? I will tell you in my first blogpost ever (so please be gentle).

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